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Air Conditioning (A/C) Service in Bath

You probably have a spring checklist to get your home ready for the coming summer. Is annual air conditioning maintenance part of that list? If you expect dependable cooling comfort, it should be! Don’t wait for a hot, sticky day to flip that switch and find yourself out of luck. Call the professionals at Faust Heating & AC Co. Inc. for a seasonal tune-up and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your cooling system will be ready to handle the dog days of summer.

Maintenance extends the life of your air conditioner. Through regular cleaning and troubleshooting, you’ll benefit from year after year of uninterrupted comfort and avoid costly, aggravating repairs. The certified technicians from Faust Heating & AC Co. Inc. will perform a complete inspection of your entire system, pinpointing any problem areas and replacing any worn or damaged parts before they cause further damage.

Dirt can be a big problem. Air conditioners require a clean, well-maintained air filter to flow cool air into your home. Clogged, dirty filters can increase energy consumption by 5 – 15%, and drive energy bills needlessly high. Filters, coils, fins, and condensate drains all require regular cleaning. If neglected, your system will steadily decline in performance and efficiency, resulting in less comfort, higher energy bills, noisy operation, and poor Indoor Air Quality. You may notice excess moisture due to poor humidity control. Unfortunately, when water condenses, mold and bacteria collect on the indoor coil of your heating and cooling system.

A/C Tune-Ups Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Smoothly

Preventative maintenance is absolutely essential to the performance of your equipment. You can help by changing filters regularly, and making sure nothing is blocking or leaning against equipment. For internal cleaning and tightening, trust the professionals from Faust Heating & AC Co. Inc.. Our cooling specialists deliver comprehensive, efficient, and convenient maintenance and inspection, eliminating approximately 50% of potential breakdowns and correcting any issues arising from shoddy installation.

After yearly cleaning, how it was installed is the biggest factor in how efficient and how long your air conditioner will work. If an inexperienced or unconcerned contractor installed your central air conditioner, you may be throwing your cooling dollars right out of the window. When you call Faust Heating & AC Co. Inc. to inspect your cooling equipment, our qualified technicians will make absolutely certain your unit is operating safely, efficient and installed up to manufacturer’s standards.

The protection of a service plan is your best investment in dependable cooling. Call the experts at Faust Heating & AC Co. Inc. for a convenient seasonal tune-up. Our experienced professionals will keep your equipment running at peak efficiency year after year, saving you money and ensuring your lasting comfort.

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