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Until fairly recently, older homes in Bethlehem, PA and surrounding areas often struggled to achieve whole-house, year-round comfort. A lack of a conventional duct system typically meant a cumbersome combination of heating and cooling units, detracting from aesthetics, making lots of noise, eating up a great deal of energy, and failing to keep up with demands. All that has changed. High-velocity heating and cooling systems are specifically designed to accommodate historical residences.

Dependable High-Velocity HVAC System Installations

As a family-owned HVAC company, Faust Heating & AC Co. Inc. is delighted to offer this versatile innovation to our clients. Our team is thoroughly trained in the design, installation, service and repairs of high velocity technology. We accommodate the challenges of your home through compact equipment, narrow-diameter ducts and smaller vents. The ducts are flexible enough to route through existing walls without tear down or disruption. The vents are available in a variety of styles and offer flexibility in location.

High-Velocity HVAC Service & Repair

The high-velocity HVAC system works through aspiration. Heated or cooled air is delivered into the room at a high rate of speed, causing a gentle suction and mixing old and new air rapidly. Temperature can be raised or lowered very quickly, shortening run times. The mini-ducts avoid the energy losses associated with traditional ductwork. This sophisticated system optimizes comfort, offers outstanding energy efficiency, keeps costs to a minimum and provides an ideal solution for homeowners across Bethlehem, PA; Bath, PA; Lehigh Valley, PA; Nazareth, PA.

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