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Your furnace is one of the most expensive appliances you’ve purchased for your home. You hope to live with your investment for the next fifteen-plus years, but your furnace can’t come close to living up to the manufacturer’s expectations for efficiency and comfort levels without yearly maintenance. Regular service performed by the conscientious professionals from Faust Heating & AC Co. Inc. not only lengthens your system’s lifespan but ensures improved comfort and efficiency. Our certified technicians service all makes and models of furnaces, boilers, radiant heating, and heat pumps.

Dirt buildup, left unchecked, will gradually cause trouble within the system. As efficiency decreases, the furnace loses the ability to produce heat, impacting additional components such as the air handler’s capacity to push heated air into your home. Dirt creates friction; causing the system to consume more energy, produce less heat while increasing wear and tear. You just won’t feel as warm in your home as you’ve been in the past. Fortunately, the solution is simple, convenient, and cost-effective. Simply call Faust Heating & AC Co. Inc. to schedule annual maintenance.

Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up with Faust Heating & AC Co. Inc. in Bath

With seasonal tune-ups from Faust Heating & AC Co. Inc., you’ll keep lifetime heating costs low, because a clean, lubricated system defends against wear and tear and component failure, eliminating repair costs and lowering energy consumption. When you contact Faust Heating & AC Co. Inc., our heating specialists will perform a full-scale inspection of your system to locate problems and replace components that are wearing out. We will complete a thorough cleaning, and inspect the condition of related components such as the ductwork and any add-ons, such as humidifiers or purifiers.

Proper heating involves more than the heater itself. If your ductwork is clogged and dirty, you’re throwing heating dollars right out the window. If the sheet metal fittings were not done properly, air will leak all around the furnace, or worse, the air can be restricted, causing failure of your furnace.

Furnace manufacturers state that heating equipment must be installed as per the Local and National Mechanical Safety Codes. These codes are about more than safety. The efficiency of your furnace relies on proper installation. If your furnace was installed by a here-today-gone-tomorrow heating contractor, call Faust Heating & AC Co. Inc. for a complete system check. Our technicians are background checked, receive ongoing training in the latest industry technology, and have earned a reputation for superior service.

As a family-owned business, with 20 years providing quality comfort control to the Bath community, we are committed to personal attention,eating-inst ethical practice, fair pricing, and expert workmanship. By providing your system essential service from Faust Heating & AC Co. Inc. on a regular basis, you’ll avoid major repairs, protect the quality of the air you breathe, and enjoy uninterrupted comfort.

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I would recommend everyone in my area to call Faust. They have been servicing my household for over 14 years, since I moved into my house. They are very professional.

Suzanne S.

Jarred did a great job getting heat up and running by temporarily fixing defective part. Replacement part was promptly ordered and quickly replaced within couple days…

Leon N.

We had a great experience with Mike the owner as well as his crew. We had to wait for the work to start and we were in a heat wave. My father is 93 and it was just…

Pat J.

Our heat shut off and the house was freezing. I called Faust later in the day and they offered emergency service right away, but said if I was ok waiting, they could…

Ben M.

As with all of our dealings with Faust and their associates, this was exceptional. Jarred was a huge help to us, during a real emergency. Greatly appreciated…

Don D.

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