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Faust Heating & AC Co. Inc. provides professional duct cleaning services in Bethlehem, PA and surrounding areas. Schedule by way of our online form or get in touch with us at (610) 837-9100. Along with convenient appointment times, we’re happy to provide further information about our comprehensive process and explain the many benefits of regular inspection and service of the ductwork. With 21 years on the job, we’ve proven our skills and determination to achieve the very best results for our customers.

It’s not unusual for complaints with heating or cooling system performance to be caused by obstructed ducts. A buildup of debris restricts airflow, leading to longer run times, inconsistent temperature, greater energy consumption, and higher utility bills. The equipment is required to work harder, increasing the risk of malfunction and earlier-than-expected replacement.

The experienced professionals from Faust Heating & AC Co. Inc. have found dust, dander, pollen, insects, webs, rodent feces, decomposing pests, mold growth, nests, and all sorts of harmful toxins concealed within the ductwork. As air passes through the pipes, contaminants can become airborne. Our intensive ductwork cleaning improves the cleanliness, health, and comfort of the home. Let us handle testing and complete the necessary services to optimize HVAC system performance. Faust Heating & AC Co. Inc. offers cost-effective options without mess or damage across Bethlehem, PA; Bath, PA; Lehigh Valley, PA; Nazareth, PA.

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