Hot Water Heater Installation & Hot Water Heater Repair in Bath

Call Faust Heating & A/C Co. for hot water service and installation in the Bath area, and trust you’re getting the most dedicated, conscientious attention available. As a family-owned business with over ten years of experience, we are committed to customer satisfaction and understand the vital role your hot water heater plays in your everyday home comfort. Hot water is essential to your lifestyle, and any interruption is a crisis. You can count on Faust Heating & A/C Co. for prompt, reliable solutions.

Our certified technicians are background checked and receive ongoing training in product comprehension and service. When you put our experience and insight to work for you, we keep your best investment as our priority, whether its repair or replace, and make recommendations for your specific needs. We’ll consider energy efficiency ratings, warranty coverage, tank size, available space, fuel type, recovery rate and cost to determine the proper fit for your home and family.

An average hot water heater lasts eight to twelve years. When your water heater malfunctions, there are a number of possible causes and solutions. The thermostat may need to be replaced. The water input to the heater may be blocked. Your unit’s storage tank may be defective. If it’s time to exchange your hot water heater for new, our specialists handle installation with prompt and efficient service.

Tankless Hot Water Heaters

A tankless hot water heater, also known as an instantaneous hot water heater, eliminates the standby energy loses affiliated with storage water heaters and also provides you with instant hot water. When a hot water tap is turned on, cold water flows through a pipe into the unit, where either a gas burner or electric element heats the water. You’ll never need to wait for hot water again! The investment into a tankless hot water heater is higher than a conventional storage heater, but they last around twenty years and have significantly lower operating and energy costs. Tankless hot water heaters are an excellent choice for households that don’t typically require hot water at more than two points at a time. The professionals from Faust Heating & A/C Co. would be happy to discuss pros and cons to help you decide the best option for your home and family.

Hot Water Heater Sizes

Hot water heaters range in size from 40 to 120 gallons, and are priced anywhere from a couple of hundred to a few thousand dollars. Properly sizing a storage water heater for your home depends on the number of gallons of hot water the heater can supply per hour, tank capacity, source of heat, and size of the burner or element. A properly sized hot water heater will meet your household’s demands while operating efficiently.

No one wants to take a cold shower. Choosing the best, most efficient hot water heater is an important decision. Don’t trust your hot water needs to a random contractor or do-it-yourself installation. Trust experience, reputation and industry training to serve your best interests. Call Faust Heating & A/C Co. for personal attention and lasting solutions.

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